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Whats up everybody

2008-10-16 20:08:12 by seconds2sundown

Hey- wats up? i am very glad 2 say that i just sent in my first audio, it isnt too great and all but it was a quick 1 that i am glad 2 be apart of. I want 2 hear some good tips from it. I plan on adding more and more audios in the future that are much better than this 1 but for now here it is. ENJOY!


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2008-10-16 20:37:47

Where is it?

seconds2sundown responds:

i added it 2day but they said tht since its my first thing, the head ppl of newgrounds hav 2 check it out first or sumthin


2008-10-17 01:07:22

remind me this weekend to check it out. i'd be glad to leave a review and give you some pointers

seconds2sundown responds:

yea dude i just got it up, check it out, its upbeat street, dont worry about my other audio its the same thing its just tht i didnt think it was working so i accidently made another lol. Well tell me wat u think