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Hey everyone, I have been thinking for the past few days of a good hiphop song, so far, all that I seem to have is only a good beat for the song. I would love to hear some good tips to find a good hiphop tune to go with my sick beat. If not that than a big help would definitely be a type of hiphop tune I should be looking for, if you find that having a classical song playing with a modern hiphop beat with it is cool, tell me, I would love to make a poll on your ideas and see what I will come up with, once this is finished, I will have a fresh new hiphop song by Christmas at the latest, I would love to have it out before, STAY TUNED IN FOR ME FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am now going to upload a new basic song. I am trying to go for a more walk type of sound or beat for my soon to be show with Jeremy. Look me up and check out my new songs!!


I GOT FL!!!!

2008-10-26 16:12:28 by seconds2sundown

Here is the deal,

I have got Fl Studio. *HIGH FIVE * . Yeah so, in a couple months you will be hearing some audio from myself, and possibly a collaboration. So stay tuned, I will be posting som random stuff to get me ready for my first debut song.

Peace - Evan

Hey! Its me again comming to tell you all some great news. Me and my cousin Jeremy are starting a new show called Side Stories. I want you all to check out Jeremy (boss2king) new stuff and be sure to watch because a new episode will be comming your way in a little while. Also, I am planning of finally getting Fruity Loops studios, instead of just the demo. But, until then I made hopefully my final demo song, tell me what you think about it.


Whats up everybody

2008-10-16 20:08:12 by seconds2sundown

Hey- wats up? i am very glad 2 say that i just sent in my first audio, it isnt too great and all but it was a quick 1 that i am glad 2 be apart of. I want 2 hear some good tips from it. I plan on adding more and more audios in the future that are much better than this 1 but for now here it is. ENJOY!

I intend to make a lot of great audio songs that will be made by me and only me, I will add in guitar riffs that I will play from my actual guitar, the rest of the band or other instruments will be from some music software. I want to add my music or audio tracks to people that want to use them very badly, I will add them especially to my good friend Jeremy's videos, his account name thenoblestknight. That is what I plan on doing so far with my audio tracks.

Hey New Grounds

2008-03-31 15:41:37 by seconds2sundown


My name is Evan, i am 14 and i just created an account here. I love to make music and i hope to make music for all of you in the future.